The leasburg School District was organized in 1863 and Moses Harmond was the first teacher who, tradition says, taught in a log building.

On July 3, 1883, John West, Thomas N. Reeves, and Patrick Fitzgerald, the school directors, acquired from Ruth Lea a plot of Ground on which to construct a school building. The little school faced south and was on the property recently owned by Robert Butyon. Mrs. Amy Lewis, Bill Land, Bill Lea, Tom Fitzgerald and Pearl West attended that school.

On June 30 1888, directors W.J. Land, J.C. West, and Patrick Fitzgerald bought two lots from the Frisco Railroad and built a new school. The lots were purchased for five dollars and the lumber for the building was hauled from Casey's Mill at Scotia. This lumber was clear yellowpine and was purchased at the mill for fifty cents a hundred feet. On June 12, 1905, this school building was sold for $300 toGrace M. Waller. More recently it was the home of Miss Elsie Ray.

On October 6. 1904.J.M. Delaney, John Ives, and William Crabtree, directors of the district, bought from John C. West and wife Jennie a plot of ground 180 feet wide and 140 feet long for $100. A two story brick building was built on the site. The building consisted of two classrooms downstirs and an auditorium upstairs.

Again on May 22, 1939, the people of Leasburg approved a bondissue of $4,000 to remodle the old brick building. This was done by removing the upper room which had been used for an auditorium and converting the first floor into an auditorium, and adding four classrooms,a hall , and basement.

Ten years later Leasburg joined Bourbon R-1 under the reorganization plans and since that time high school students have been transported to the Bourbon center.

A bond issue of $26,000 was approved on February 4 1958 to enlarge and completely renovate the Leasburg building for the use of the area's grade children.

A two-year Job high school was maintained by the Leasburg School District from 1925 to 1943. Loyd Breuer was the first high school principal employed in this newly orgainized high school district. The first graduates were Alvin Land, Joe Land, Sherman Land, Wendell Evans, James Knight, and Katherine Schroeder.

Following is the list of grade school teachers at Leasburg from 1907-1943:
Josie Bacon
Viola Baldwin
Adah Blair
Mrs. Irene Brand
J.H. Brand
Augusta Brown
Freda Bryan
O.E. Burk
Hester Carpenter
Melva Coffman
Mrs. Irvin Coyle
Estoria Lee Crow
Anna Daniels
Mary Ann Davidson
Joe Doms
Mrs. Joe. Doms
Mrs. Bessie Dorrill
Walter Downing
Mrs. T.S, Elliston
Susie Fleming
Belle Haarmon
Mary Hyfsha
Helen Jeffries
Emma Kruse
Gloria Land
J.H. Land
Joe Land
Marie Leaver
Clarence Leezy
Laura McBrayer
Hazel Mais
Clara mason
H.L. Moutray
Harvey Moutray
Ralph Palmer
Evelyn Perkins
Orpha Perrigue
C.B. Pounds
Carrie Roberts
Fred Rohrer
Zelma Rohrer
O.R. Shelton
Fem Sprimkle
Ethel Spurgeon
Irene Stewart
O.J. Stewart
Irene Summers
William P. Summers
Anne Caroline West
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