Crawford County being geographical located about fifty miles from both the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers is situated in the east-central part of Missouri. Crawford County was orgainzed in early 1829. Names in honor of William H. Crawford of Georga. Crawford County consisted of all or part of eighteen of our preasent counties and extended to the Kansas State line. After being divided it created nine new counties Phelps, Maries, Texas, Cedar, Miller, Dade, Dent, Benton, and Green. It is bounded on the north by Gasconade and Franklin Counties, on the east by Washington andiron Counties, on the south by Renolds and Dent Counties, and on the west by Dent. Phelps and Gasconade Counties.
It is thirty-three miles in extreme length north and south and at its greatest width is twenty-four miles. Its area is 711 square miles or 455.040 acres. Prior to 1830 Crawford County was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee Indians were driven from there homes in Georga to Oklahoma. They stopped at the springs in Steelville to rest and bury their dead. They left their imprint on Crawford County with the "Trail of Tears." They followed what is now highway 8 to St. James. The present county seat of our county, is Steelville. This was selected by a commission after several other attempt had failed. By act of the legislature on January 23 1829. John Stanton of Franklin County.


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