Published Thursday April 5, 1928
Compiled and Edited by "Meramec Joe"

Leasburg a village of possibly 225 inhabitants, is located in the Northern part of Crawford County, and is tied to the great railroad lines of the nation by the St.Louis-San Francisco Railway, one of the best systems that traverse Missouri.

We are conected with the large cities and Ocean to Ocean highway, by Highway No. 66 that passes two miles north of town.

The gravel road that will link us with the highway which has not yet been completed, but will be in a short time.

Our little town is built on a beautiful plot of ground that has natural drainage and in the distance a forest of growing timber forms a semi-circle by which we are more or less protected from storms. The small meadows and fields that surround us also adds beauty and enchantment to our little village. The tourist often is heard to coment "truley this is one lovely town in the Great Ozarks".

The climate and forces or enviroment are favorable to the poltery industry, and many of our citizens are devoting their time to raising the best variety of chickens.

Our school building is a brick structure, and located in the eastern part of town. It is adequate for all purposes and needs of our people. There is an enrollment of about seventy-five puples. Three teachers are employed and we are prepaired to give two years of high school work. The grounds are so situated as to make a delightful place for athletic of all kind.

Leasburg has three churches Methodist, Baptist and Catholic. The three congregations at the present time all have pastors. Two Sunday Schools and two Aid Societies are supported by the protestant elements of our citizens-ship. The Catholic class is active in the various departments of their work.

We have one bank, The Bank of Leasburg, which was organizws March 1906, with a capital of $10,000,00. The surplus at the present time is $7,000,00. W.E. Gravatt is the cashier, a position he has filled for the past two years. The director are John Lea, E.L. West, James McInnis, C.M. Fitzgerald, E.L. Gravatt. The Bank's Motto is: Safety, Service and Security."

Our telephone Service is now entering upon its eighteenth year, and is a well managed service under the supervision of V.S. Hamlin, who not only pleases the Board of Directors but the public in general. There are 28 lines connecting with Leasburg office, and you can talk to any city in the nation from this point. Mr. Hamlin is also proprietor of the meat market and has a slogan easy to remember,"Latest news, fresh meat and honest weight". He recently installed a modern refrigerator,6X8 feet, and keeps everything in excellant order. In fact we think we have a meat market equal to those in the larger towns and cities, and are proud of it. Mr Hamlin has been a resident of Crawford County for 38 years having moved with his parents from North Carolina when only one year old.

Our cream station has been in operation more than one year. It is controlled by the Farmers Exchange under the management of W.B. King. Possibly 150 gallons of cream is brought here each week. The product is shipped to the Missouri Valley Creamery at Washington, one of the largest and most widely patronized creameries of the State. Mr. King has a Motto" Let every man have a fat test " and he lives up to it too.

A Tonsorial Parlor owned and operated by Mr. Knight for the past few months. Mr Knight is a close student of humanity, and knows the heads and faces of people from Manhattan Island, N.Y. to the Golden Gate of California. He is the tall cedar tree in the camp of tonsorial artist. He uses the Golden Rule as his slogan.

Our Hotel this beautiful brick structure is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mullen and they keep in readiness all twelve of the modern rooms for the weary turist. This hotel is up-to-date in every way, and is credited to a town of this size. The land-lord has his rule which he strictly applies," Set a good table, give the public the hospitable hand so characteristic of the Ozarker, and they will come again.

General Store- William Lea who is called by the boys "Big Hearted Bill," has been engaged in business in Leasburg for three years. He is a native of Crawford County, and believes that "no good deed or charitable act ever goes astray."

Ely General Store- W.G. Ely proprietor. Mr Ely has been a resident of Leasburg about seven years, having first started with a small store at Coffeyton, a shoer distance away. He is one of the fixtures of the town and likes the business and the people. He is a native of Ohio, and has those qualities in his make-up that adapt him to the general merchandise business. He says advance Leasburg on the map by giving strict attention to important duties.

General Store of Judge E.L. West. For 27 years he has been the owner and proprietor of his present business. He does a fine business and numbers among his customers people who commence to trade with him 27 years ago. He was once active in the real estate line and also gave much attention to political matters. In the latter he was also successful and has served his people as an asscoiate member of the County Court. His slogan is, "Meet the demands of the trading public with a good quality of goods at a reasonable price."

Fred Fife is located near the garage and the visitor who drives into the garage has only a few steps to take to get a good lunch. Fred can tell them of the game fisn in the Meramec, and game in the forest and the wonders of Onondago Cave. Mr. Fife believes in living and letting the other fellow live too.

A.H. BowenkampGeneral Merchant--This general merchandise store is located in the center of town, and has been under the present manager since 1910-for 18 years he has been catering to wishes of the public, and has endeavored to give them service that would please them in everyway. Mr. Bowenkamp has given much study to rural life, and is in great sympathy with sons of toil. He also ownes a farm near town. He holds to the motto."Stick to your bush and gather only the good berries."

Knight & Alexander, General Merchants--This general store of this firm is located in the west part of town in a substantial brick building. This firm has been in existence for 13 years, hence is numbered among our oldest business house. Mr. Knight is a native of Crawford County, while his partner comes from North Carolina. This firm not only feeds you but also arranges for any trip you may want to take, securing the necessary transportation and giving you the date as to other features of your trip. They are also undertakers, hence can serve you with the latest articles you will need in this life- a casket and burial robe. Their adopted rule is, We are at your command and will answer your summons day or night."

Farmers Exchange, this growing business is located in the eastern part of town, and is managed by John Les. It is a branch of the Bourbon Exchange, and has been in operation about seven years. Flour and feed and hardware are kept in stock. Tons of feed and farm products are handled by the men who believe in the Co-Operative market system. Their slogan as outlined is,"Guard the interest of the man who cultivates the soil."

The Leasburg Mill is among our oldest business organizations. It is operated by George Blair, and fills a very important place in our industrial life as the farmer would be compelled to drive to other points if it was not in operation. Mr. Blair also has a good rule. "Be prompt to all and good results will follow."

Blacksmithing--Wm. C. Osborne holds forth in this line of work, and there are no better mechanics. Mr. Osborne is in his 72nd year, yet you will find him at his shop every day. ready to handle any work that comes in- from the shoeing of an obstreperous mule to the shaping of the wood work on a wagon. Mr. Osborne is a native of our County, and community his chosen profession at an early age in life. His wife is also a native of Crawford County, being a daughter of the late Rev. E.R. Fort, a pioneer Baptist minester who helped to blaze the way to civilization in our early day.

We have a good depot, and we are grateful to the Frisco for such a building. M.E. Dougherty and W.B. Fisher represent the Railroad interest and these genial accommodating men have no superiors anywhere in the section, "Safety, business and patience seem to be their slogan."

Prof. I.F. Coil and wife. Dr. Wm. Irwin, Rev A.H. Russell and Rev. J.W. Borden are the persons who we mention in connection with our professional life.
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