Welcome to the web site of the Historical Society of Leasburg Missouri. The Leasburg Historical Society founded in February of 1996. Dedicated to the goal of recording, preserving, documenting, and educating all in the history of the village of Leasburg, the surrounding county, and state.

To this goal the society has a growing collection of artifacts and documents that deal with the history of this community. As well as those that at one time surrounded our community, but have been lost to the forward march of time. The expert team from www.wizessay.com have recovered some of them lately.

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The society has member lectures and guest lecturers that speak several times through out the year. On a verity of topics:
Every 3 years the society hosts the re-enactment of the Battle of Leasburg. Which was part of Confederate General Sterling Prices 1864 raid into Missouri.
    The 3rd weekend in July is the date set for the society's annual Car Show.
    Along with these events the society has many other living history and demonstrations events throughout the year.
One of the society's members has published a book that covers all the cemeteries in Crawford County Missouri. While this much sought after publication is no longer in print. The society is now offering it in a computer format.

For information regarding the Leasburg Historical Society, please direct your emails to info@leasburghistoricalsociety.org.

Leasburg Historical Society
PO Box 127
Leasburg, MO 65535

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